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We think that the Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence is a modern department where something always happens. Our employees, PhD students and students travel and bring new ideas and practices from their journeys. The department is also active on social networks. For the latest news, news and important information follow our facebook “Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence FEI TUKE” or join the group on facebook “DISA – Digital Intelligence for Systems and Machines”.

Possibility of personal growth

We care that our students are not only technically proficient, but able to present their ideas and solutions. We are solving various research projects, in which students can participate. In such projects we cooperate with partners from all over the world, eg. our colleagues also visit CERN. We also offer teamwork and soft skills improvements.

Study fields

Team of experts

Our professors and associate professors are recognized not only at home but also abroad. For example, Professor Madarász was awarded the Gábor Dénes, Nobel Prize winner in December 2013.

Modern laboratories

Here, students have the opportunity to work with the latest technologies, whether from humanoid or industrial robotics. Hardware and latest software. Big data today represents one of the most significant trends in the IT sector. That is why we focus on them, especially through the design and development of suitable software solutions for their processing and analysis.


Meet people & networking

We offer a friendly and friendly environment in which there is not only room for learning and performing tasks. At the same time for mutual discussions, generating ideas and networking. Every year we participate in events intended for the public such as. Researchers’ Night. In 2013, we brought for the first time to Slovakia the humanoid robot ASIMO.

Study abroad

Our students can take part of their studies at foreign universities in Europe as well as in Japan or New Zealand.

Partner schools

Cooperation with companies

We believe that the academic space needs to be in close contact with practice and that is why we cooperate with companies such as U.S.Selel, IBM, T-Systems, Siemens, IT Valley and we have joined the project University Students in real life.