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Business informatics

Business informatics

The focus of the Economic Informatics study program is in line with current trends not only in ICT but overall in economic and social life. Data analytics, as one of the key research directions, is a way for companies to gain a competitive edge in the market, how to improve their internal functioning, or how to improve relationships with their customers. Current companies use only a fraction of the information potential, which represents their internal data but also data of an external character represented eg. different registers or social networks. This data is often heterogeneous and stored in different locations, which opens up further scope for data analytics research activities. Promoting medical diagnosis through appropriate analytical methods or decision support systems represents a great potential.

Graduate profile

Graduates will acquire standard computer knowledge in the area of ​​design and development of information systems, programming, mobile applications, computer network management, database systems and data analysis. In addition, the graduate has good economic knowledge not only from the basics of economics and accounting, but also from the business economy or trading in financial markets; he / she knows the basics of project management, is able to present his / her ideas simply and efficiently, has a basic overview of the ICT sector and current trends.

Recommended study plans

What awaits you?

  • How to create information systems
  • Programming basics
  • Accounting and fundamentals of economics
  • Time management
  • Miscellaneous analyzes
  • Database systems
  • Creation of web projects
  • Algorithmization
  • Lectures from real life
  • Viac info