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The Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence provides education in the Intelligent Systems study program in the field of Cybernetics and Economic Informatics in all three levels of study.

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"Prečo by aj na nemohlo byť zahraničné fluidum?"

prof. Ing. Peter Sinčák, CSc.


The main areas of research at the department are eg. artificial intelligence, intelligent space, cloud robotics, intelligent cybernetic systems, the Internet of Things, data science, intelligent methods and algorithms for complex system control and modeling, dynamic systems diagnostics, computational intelligence methods in intelligent agent systems and applications, intelligent decision support systems, knowledge discovery, knowledge technology for knowledge discovery.

Currently there are 3 centers: the Intelligent Technologies Center, the Applied Cybernetics Center and the Economic Informatics Center. The department is involved in many research, educational and business projects. After ten successful years of work at the head of DCAI, prof. Ing. Peter Sinčák, CSc. left his place to doc. Ing. Peter Papcun, PhD.

History of department

In 1964, a department called “Department of Automation and Control Fundamentals” was established at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. This department was founded by the Nestor of Košice cybernetics Prof.J.Spal, CSc. and for 8 years he was in charge. The mission of this department, which presented new trends in automation, especially mechanical engineering, was primarily control technology and the introduction of computer technology, which was at the very beginning.

An important milestone in the development of the department was the establishment of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at VŠT Košice in 1969. At the same time, the department became its integral part with the changed name “Department of Automation and Regulation” and ensured teaching in the field of Technical Cybernetics. In 1972, the Department finished the first 20 graduates. Four years later, in 1973, the department was renamed again, this time to the “Department of Technical Cybernetics” and is headed by Prof.Ing.Milan Jelšina, CSc. A year later, two specializations were created at the department, namely “Cyber Systems” and “Electronic Systems”. The dynamics of the department was very large and therefore in 1975 three fields were established – “Electronic systems”, “Electronic computers” and “Control and automation systems”. This situation lasted 5 years and in 1980 there were three specializations at the department: “Control technology”, “Automated control systems” and “Robotics”.

Rapid technological development in the world, observation of new prospective trends and their introduction into the pedagogical and scientific research process logically required division of the department in 1989 into two departments – the “Department of Computers and Informatics” and the Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence. The first head of the Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence since 1989 was prof. Ing. Ján Sarnovský, CSc., who in 2013 left the management to prof. Ing. to Peter Sinčák, CSc.