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KKUI / Pre chádzačov

Business informatics

The focus of the Economic Informatics program is in line with current trends not only in ICT but overall in economic and social life. Data analytics, as one of the key research directions, is a way for companies to gain a competitive edge in the market, how to improve their business or their relationships with their customers. Current companies use only a fraction of the information potential, which represents their internal data but also data of an external character represented eg. different registers or social networks. This data is often heterogeneous and stored at different locations, thus opening up further scope for research activities in the field of data analysis. Promoting medical diagnosis through appropriate analytical methods or decision support systems represents a great potential.

Intelligent systems

The Intelligent Systems study program offers education not only in the latest IT technologies but emphasizes their use in application projects and research for the spectrum in the field of intelligent cybernetic systems. We place great emphasis on contemporary topics such as the classic applied and industrial informatics, microcomputers and embedded systems, automation, database, web and mobile applications, but also for future visions such as cloud, industrial and social robotics, artificial intelligence, smart industry – big data, augmented reality, and sensor networks , the Internet of Things and Everything, Cyber-Physical Systems, Modern Methods of Control and Diagnostics, Augmented Reality. In addition to gaining theoretical knowledge, students practically program, design, and interconnect the physical and social world with intelligent cybernetics.

Why study at TUKE?

In addition to acquiring basic theoretical knowledge, our students practically program, design, interconnect the physical and social world with intelligent cybernetics. They have the opportunity to travel a lot to learn about foreign mobility and professional experience at universities or in companies. They learn to work independently and in a team, prepare to work in companies (and their own), in various organizations, or continue in scientific research in research institutes or centers. Our motto is World is our Space, so we want our students to think globally and act locally. We therefore welcome students who are curious, purposeful, ambitious, courageous, open, IT visionaries, creative critical and active.

What students are we looking for?

Among our students, we are happy to welcome those …


with the desire to discover new nooks, opportunities, and opportunities


who are willing to face new challenges and overcome the obstacles ahead


who are not satisfied with what we give them, but come up with new ideas themselves


who not only see the present, but think of how to improve and simplify the future


who study because of passion and vision to contribute something of their own in the future


who come up with new ideas, but also ideas on how to improve existing methods

What do we offer you?

Possibility to develop through two study programs

Modern labs and classrooms with the necessary technology

Great team of experts ready to help you

Networking with other students, new friendships and opportunities