7. November 2019

A short film about the 50th anniversary of the faculty showing the milestones of your history, current and the views of our graduates. All successful faculties are awaited by the long-term efforts and responsible work of our educators, employees and even students. Our domestic and foreign partners from academia and industry have also provided significant support in this endeavor. We thank you! >youtube link<

23. September 2019

Beginning of the winter semester in the new school year 2019/2020.

24. June 2019

Ing. Dominik Voscek, Ph.D. successfully defended his dissertation thesis on Hybrid Models of Cyber-Physical Systems and their Application in Distrienced Control Systems. Supervisor: doc. Ing. Anna Jadlovska, PhD. Congratulations and good luck!

18. June 2019

The absolute winner at Slovak University STARTUP CUP 2019 was #CHECkuP – Cognitive HEalthCare Platform – PhD student Erik Kajáti and team from #KKUI Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence FEI TUKE. Congratulations!

26. May 2019

Ing. Jozef Mocnej, PhD. successfully defended his dissertation thesis on Decentralized IoT Architecture with Quality Support for Resource Efficiency. Supervisor: prof. Ing. Iveta Zolotova, CSc. Congratulations and good luck!

22. May 2019

Ing. Martin Certicky, PhD. has successfully defended his dissertation on Gameplay Experience: Psychophysiological Symptoms and Machine Learning in Digital Entertainment. Supervisor: doc. Dr. Ján Vaščák. Congratulations and good luck!